In 2012, Charlie persuaded Active Essex to fund and run a Special School Games, one of her biggest achievements to date. Our Special School Games has since grown dramatically, providing the opportunity for nearly 2,000 young people to be involved, from the running of the event to taking part as competitors.
 See here for more information on her Ambassador Programme. 
Formerly of Active Essex, Brian gave up a lot of his time to support the ideas of the children involved in the Multi School Council. Not only did he help create Charlie's Special School Games, he also helped involve Essex County Council within the Multi School Council
 Toby came up with the idea of hosting a Multi Schools talent show; a credit to his great imagination. He continues to contribute ideas to the Council and break down perceptions around autism and 'invisble' disabilities. 
Wendy Smith
Wendy was a Paralympic athlete, representing Great Britain in the 2005 paralympics in Athens as part of the wheelchair basketball team. She works tirelessly on her mission to help break down perceptions. Wendy is always present at every meeting and offers her support at each event. 
Gary Smith
Gary's support for the Multi Schools Council has been second to none. He has been head teacher at Market Field School for over 20 years and is now the longest serving head teacher in Essex. His work has transformed the Market Field School site.

He allowed Kierran to set up the Council and has supported every step taken so far.


Duncan helps runs MSC meetings in North Essex.  He was also crucial to securing funding for the Council from MENCAP.  Duncan now runs the MFS college site off of Jaywick Lane, meaning that he can help provide links to college groups - a key aspect of breaking down perceptions before children leave the education system. 



Connell went to Market Field School himself.  It is because of Connell that the Council now has a football team - he wrote Kierran a letter back in 2017 outlining his vision for a new MSC football team and here it is! Over 30 young children with disabilities across North Essex are involved in the team. 



Harry is our lead coach at our Saturday morning football club where he is supported by his Dad. Harry also attended Market Field School and has given some excellent speeches in the past. Harry is a fantastic Ambassador and is very honest about what he might find difficult.  He is a great mentor for the children around him. Children of the council can learn a lot from Harry. 



Mason coaches for the football team too. He has also spoken out about Crohn’s Disease and is passionate about breaking down the perceptions towards people with specific health difficulties. 




Justine is our lead Ambassador for music and song-writing. It has always been her passion to break down perceptions towards people with disabilities and continues to do this through her public speaking and song-writing. Justine is helping to co-ordinate a project where children from a range of schools will help create a Multi Schools Council song. 



We first saw Sam at one of our talent shows where he performed as a magician. Sam's enthusiasm for the Council was always clear in the meetings and he was able to contribute some really great ideas. Sam now attends secondary school and part of his role is to help build understanding into the secondary school context. 



Gen is the author of our first ever book, Sam and the Spider. Gen has attended several Multi School meetings and is always open to ideas about her books and how to break down perceptions. 


Mum to Liam (our first ever talent show winner), Kristel is the first parent Ambassador. Kristel has helped raise awareness of the MSC through performing arts and social media. Kristel also has great knowledge about the journey some of our children take through SEND education and is a great person to have as part of the team. 
Elsie's brilliant attitude and ideas have made her a huge part of Multi School meetings.  She has contributed key ideas that have helped to shape our work on projects such as supporting refugees, anti-bullying and mental health awareness. She always helps to build up other students, spreads positivity wherever she goes and shows so much enthusiasm, making her a great asset.
Harrison has contributed significantly to Multi School meetings over the years.  Harrision has also set up visits to primary schools in the past, a key part of breaking down perceptions towards children and young people with addional needs. He has been brave enough to speak out about his own  mental health experiences in his school, raising awareness by doing so. Harrison has attended events for the council and continues to spread the message further about positive mental health.